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Nov 21, 2019

HTML Introducton - HTML Tutorial

HTML Introduction: HTML stands to the hypertext markup language. HTML is very important language like a key to the world of WEB technology. In this HTML tutorial, you'll learn how to create a site using HTML. HTML is very easy to learn! You will like it!

HTML is a very powerful universal hypertext markup language that allows you to insert images, links, music, and programs. Nowadays, HTML is already a basic skill that programmers must master.

If you want to learn HTML faster and more systematically, you'd better use the learning mode of learning while practicing

HTML Introduction

History of HTML development

HTML does not have 1.0, because there is controversy about its first edition. In 1995, HTML 2.0 was released. 
In 1997, the international official organization W3C introduced HTML 3.2 and HTML 4.0 standards. Later, W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) gradually became the authority of Web technology. After a long evolution, in 2014, the HTML 5 standard was finally released.
HTML 2.0 - November 1995, RFC 1866 released
HTML 3.2 - January 14, 1997, W3C released recommendations
HTML 4.0 - December 18, 1997, W3C released recommendations
HTML 4.01 - December 24, 1999, W3C released recommendations
HTML 5 - October 28, 2014, W3C released recommendations

HTML structure

The structure of HTML generally includes the <head> tag and the <body> tag. The two tags <head> and <body> represent the head and body of the web page, respectively. The header may include the title of the page, keywords, descriptions, etc., which are not displayed as content, but affect the effect of the web page display. The <body></body> is the actual content of the web page, and the body tag is also called the entity tag. The page usually contains a lot of pointers to other related pages or other nodes. It is convenient to get new web pages by clicking. This is one of the most important reasons why HTML is widely used and widely used. The organic collection of pages is the website.
Why is HTML popularized? This is due to the rapid development of the Internet, and the demand for programming languages ​​has skyrocketed. HTML5 has the simplicity of superset, extensive scalability, flexible platform adaptability, and simple versatility. With these features, HTML is getting more and more popular.

HTML5 editing specification

1. The file extension name uses htm or html by default, which is convenient for the operating system or program to identify the file, while the image is basically saved as gif or jpg.
2, the browser ignores the carriage return by default, but in order to facilitate the reading, people will still get used to writing a code after entering a carriage return
3. The marker symbol is enclosed in angle brackets. The element with a slash indicates that the marker description ends. Most markers must be used in pairs to indicate the start and end.
4, must use half-width instead of full-width characters
5. The contents of the HTML comment <!--comment content--> are not displayed.